Thank you for using and subscribing to our services operated by Asia Debut Sdn Bhd
Due to the nature of our business and the issues that you might encounter during your use of our services we have uphold a refund/return policy for each product, purchases and subscription. The refund policy are as follows:
Digital Product.
1. Any purchases or subscription of services via our website and application are refundable if you wish to cancel.
2. Cancellation can only be done within 60 days of purchase or subscription. Any causes of cancellation must be included for our improvement and notice.
3. Purchases or subscription beyond 60 days of refund period will not be process and are considered sold.
4. Cancellation can be made through our website or application where the customer must provide the date of purchase for identification and tracking.
5. Cancellation will be processed within three (3) working days and refund will be given in the next three (3) working days.
6. If you purchase or subscribe to the same product/services that you have previously canceled, you are able to cancel but will not receive any refund.